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Recently my sister and I took a trip to Miami to celebrate her 24th birthday. Oh MY AM MI was an absolute blast, but then again when isn’t it? During our 3 day adventure we met some really cool people, some of which we will continue to build a friendship with. What we realized was we were getting asked the same question during conversations, “what were our goals and what was holding us back from  achieving them?”

Now, the first half of the question is easy right. I am sure we all have things we want to achieve in life. May it be to travel the world, land that promotion at work, buy a car, reconnect with an old friend, start your own business, the list can go on and on. It was the second half that had me stuck. What was holding me back? What was holding me back from achieving my goals? I had to really dig deep within myself to try and figure out an answer, an answer that was true and not an excuse. But damn, all I was coming up with were excuses as to why. That’s when it dawned on me. I need to stop making excuses and I need to just go for it. I need to step out of my comfort zone and gain new experiences. I may fail a few times but that is OKAY! From those “failures” you realize what will work and won’t will not.  I just read “How to be a Badass” (check out my review of the book..add link to post) a couple of months ago and Jenn said the only way something is going to happen is if you make it happen.

Easier said than done yes, yes it is. I will not lie. But it is time to start taking steps to what I want to accomplish and sitting around daydreaming is NOT going to make it a reality. Just hearing that question from complete strangers really put my brain into overdrive. It was like what I read was being spoken into existence. I took this as a sign that it’s time for me to make things happen. I cannot yet say that I have accomplished all of my goals but starting this blog and writing is a step in the right direction. I have a passion for writing as I feel I am able to communicate my thoughts, feelings and desires a lot better through written word. I believe through my words I can touch people and help them. Public speaking, not really my thing. I stutter and get all tongue tied, but through writing I can get deep and move people. From me writing I can then work on speaking in front of a group or a crowd of thousands of people. My friends always tell me that I have a way with words, heck my mom always thought that I would be in journalism and my dad thinking I would get into politics.

My journey starts now. There are no excuses. There are no reasons as to why I can’t be where I want to be. Take your passion and turn it into your career. My big time goal is to be a published writer. My short term goal is to get No Shade, Just Life out there for the world to see. To be able to travel the world, make amazing memories, meet extraordinary people and ensure my daughter has a solid foundation and to let her know dreams do come true when you go for it.

“Screw what people may think or say. Screw the fear of failing. Screw the fact that you are scared to get out of comfort zone!” – Alyssia Pelley

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