San Juan, Puerto Rico

I’m back! I want to apologize for us not being consistent with posting and this post being put up 2 weeks after my trip. We are still trying to get the hang of everything and get the momentum going. I do have a bunch of blog posts ready to go up but being the perfectionist that I am (Alyssia) I re-read everything to ensure it’s exactly as I want it. To make sure that my thoughts are fully complete and I smile when I am about to hit post.

I was fortunate to celebrate my 30th birthday on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. My friends and I arrived in San Juan from Miami a day after Hurricane Irma swept by the island. Puerto Rico was very fortunate enough not to be in the direct path of the storm, as I was told it felt more like a tropical storm. Mind you Irma was still strong enough to knock down trees, power lines and cut off water supply to many.

As we were waiting to board our flight to San Juan I tried to reach out to contact our Airbnb host to make sure that everything was okay. I waited and waited and didn’t hear anything back which put me in a slight panic. I called Airbnb right away to let them know my situation. The last thing I wanted was to land and have no place to go especially since the power was out in the majority of the city. It was my first time ever booking with them and I will tell you it will not be the last. The customer service agent was able to give me a credit plus 10% more so that we could find suitable accommodations. The credit was applied directly to my Airbnb account and I was able book right away. William answered me within minutes and I was able secure accommodations. He let me know that he did not have power but did have running water and that because the condo was in a tourist area the power should be up within a day or two. To be honest having no electricity didn’t bother me, I mean my phone was about to die but I would live with out it. Now having no water on the other hand would have been a no deal for me.

The next five days were amazing regardless of anything (yes we had some arguments but that’s what happens when you have friend’s with strong personalities and are as blunt as they come). As we arrived a day after Hurricane Irma made her stop a lot of places where not open due to the power outage BUT we made the most of it. The weather was beyond perfect (rained for the max 5 minutes for all 5 days), checked out La Placita (hottest nightlife scene), visited La Pearla (Despacito was filmed here) and enjoyed everything that came our way and the many locals that we met.

As it is my second time to the island I think it is fair enough to make some recommendations of where to stay, eat and explore.

  • Isla Verde is a popular tourist area in San Juan not only is it close to everything (Old San Juan and the airport) but the beach is one of the best. There are many hotels to choose from ranging from budget friendly to world class luxury and plenty of Airbnb’s to choose from. We were within walking distance to many restaurants, shops, bars and there were even a few casinos and nightclubs in the area. If you enjoy late nights like we do and find yourself hungry then there is this GREAT 24hr Pizza spot called Pizza City. If you are a avid pizza lover then I highly suggest you taking a visit.


  • Condado: Is considered a middle to upper class community that is right between Isla Verde and Old San Juan. It is considered the “hipster village” which has many small shops and high end luxury stores as well as big box hotels that flank both sides. I stayed in this area my first trip with Celeste and the location couldn’t of been better. We walked every day to Old San Juan (if you are someone who doesn’t like to walk I don’t recommend it as it took us about half and hour), casinos located in the hotels, small beaches located right off the streets (many people jump off the bridge into the ocean) and again many options of restaurants. The first time I visited the island Celeste and I stayed her (Hotel Miramar) we ate at this restaurant right on the water names Sizzler. It is a buffet style Seafood and Steak restaurant that is not only budget friendly but also sooooo good! We are women that love a great steak and they did not disappoint. What I enjoyed most about this area is the small little beaches scattered about.


  • Old San Juan Not only a popular area for the tourists but also Puerto Rican’s from all over the island. Elegant hotels and rental homes, amazing food and small shops packed into one historic area surrounded by 500-year-old forts. If you enjoy history as much as I do then not only do I recommend that you make a trip to Old San Juan but I would say to stay there as well. I highly suggest trying Mofungo which is a Puerto Rican dish made of fried plantain stuffed with meat/ seafood of your choice. Many restaurants serve this but we were told Raices was the place to go and eat great Mofungo but unfortunately due to the power outage we were able to try it for ourselves.

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Overall this island has stolen my heart. It is a place that I will buy property so that I can go back again and again. There is so much history to see, amazing food to try, bars to explore and the weather/ scenery speaks for its self. Being such a big snap chatter (mspelley) a lot of my footage from my trip was capture there and I forgot to save them (ugh! it’s a goal of mine to start taking picture with my camera)

I send my prayers to the people in Puerto Rico and everyone else you has been effected by both Hurricane Irma and Maria. Please click here to make a donation to the Red Cross not only to the Hurricane victims but also Mexico where they have suffered devastating earthquakes.


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