How to keep Hydrated and soft

How to keep your Skin Hydrated & Soft this Winter

There’s no escaping it, winter has come *cue in Game of Thrones Theme song*.  Keep with these tips and you will avoid going out looking like a White Walker.

Showers/ Baths: Avoid taking steaming hot showers if you can. This can actually take out any moisture you have in your skin. Instead use lukewarm water to keep moisture and essential oils in your skin. Putting a few drops of essential oil(s) in the bath will help moisturize your skin.

Exfoliate: Time to get rid of all that dead skin build up. YUCK! You can either do this with a body scrub or dry brushing. Dry brushing if you are not familiar, is when you brush your skin using a natural bristle brush. Not only does it get rid of dead skin (I suggest standing in the shower as you will see dead skin falling off your body.) Don’t forget to exfoliate your face and lips too.


Oils: Once your out of the shower pat your skin dry and oil up. Oils can seep deeper into the skin rather than moisturizers to keep your skin nourished. You can either purchase one or save some money and make your own. Essential oils like lavender, lemongrass and rose along with coconut and almond to get a soothing and supple skin

Body Butter: Swap out your light summer body lotions for something thicker like shea or coco butter.


Keep drinking that water and eating your fruits and veggies! 

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