Hangover Cure

How to Survive THE Hangover

The sun is shining. Birds chirping. Cars zooming past your window. And there you are. Struggling to open your eyes with a splitting headache and dry mouth. Thinking to yourself “I knew I shouldn’t of had 6 tequila shots, a handful of vodka and cranberry and can’t forget the glasses of champagne that I used to wash away the tequila after taste”, as you run to the washroom to stick your head in the toilet.

I have had more than my fair share of hangovers. Always waking up saying the same thing “I’m NEVER drinking again!” 

Make sure you can attend every single one of your holiday invitations with these few tricks and tips that I have used throughout the years.


This one is not rocket science. Before a night of drinking make sure to eat a meal that contains protein and healthy fats. It takes longer for these food to breakdown compared to carbs and sugars. The food acts as a layer when you are drinking which will prevent a bad hangover. If your able to dive into a big meal in the morning burgers and fried always hit the spot! For the ones with a queasy stomach nibble on bread, pretzels or crackers. Try a banana smoothie with honey is great because they both help to calm the stomach

Stay Hydrated

Another no brainer is to keep your body hydrated! During the night alternate between having a drink and a glass of water. This won’t necessarily keep you hydrated but it will moderate your alcohol intake which will then make the morning a little easier. In the morning continue with the water, don’t rush it. Take it slow. Guzzling the water may actually upset your stomach. Coconut water, sweetened/deaf tea are also great options. The goal is get your body hydrated again to ease the pain. Caffeine can actually cause headaches and/or dehydrate you even more. If you must have a cup have a weak one and then have a glass of water after. There actually in no supportive evidence that proves sport drinks can help a hangover. You actually don’t loose that many electrolytes from a night of drinking. But if it makes you feel better go for it.


Chances are you still have alcohol in your system. The only way that it’s going to go away is with time, so sleep it off. Have long naps and when you wake up pump some water in you and try to eat something.

Take a Shower

and sit in it. Close your eyes and just let the water fall on you. Its refreshing and will wake up your senses.

Have another Drink

Your blood starts to deal with the new alcohol and ignores the old. Bloody Mary’s are good because the tomato juice pumps vitamins back into your body. Think of it as balancing it out. Now, I don’t suggest to drink yourself to get drunk again, but hey if that’s how your feeling go for it.


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