Menstrual Cramps

How to Ease Menstrual Cramps

When mother nature decides to grace me with her presence once a month she also brings a lot of pain. I experience HORRIBLE cramps and back pain where I curl up into fetal position and sleep until the pain subsides. I have tried everything and anything to at least ease the pain if not eliminate it. Here are a few ways that help me get through a very painful 3 days.

1. Heating Pad: Curl up, plug in the heating pad and relax. This is my most used method where I get to indulge in Netflix or do some work on the laptop.

2. Exercise: I know, I know. Who the hell wants to exercise let alone move when you are in pain. Just trust me when I tell you once you start moving you will no longer notice the pain let alone feel it. When exercising you boost your endorphins which chases the pain away. If your not up for the gym stretching/ yoga poses can also help.

3. Take a Bath: A warm/ hot bath with epsom salt is a great detox for the body. It helps to pull out toxins naturally. I usually do this first thing in the morning if I am visited during the weekend.

4. Drinking something warm: Warm liquids also help ease the pain. My go to is green tea and hot chocolate but chamomile tea is a great one as it is a soothing herb that has gentle sedative properties and relaxes smooth muscle, such as the muscle that lines the wall of your uterus.

5. Medicate: Advil or Midol are my go to over the counter medication. I tend to take them when I have to go to work or have major errands that I have to run.

If you are finding that none of the above pain relievers are working contact your doctor. There may be a prescription that can help you.

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