Welcome, welcome, welcome!

We’re two Sisters. One who often gets lost in her thoughts with a with an interest in beauty & fashion. The other who likes to look at life through a lens with the passion to take over the fitness and health world. Just two sisters with a lust for life.

My name is Alyssia and my counterpart is Celeste. For the past year we have been struggling with the idea of starting a blog. What would we write about? Would people even tune in? Are we serious about this? Will we fail? The amount of doubts that crossed our minds were endless. Until one day (okay this is going to sound soooo cliche *rolls eyes*) I read a book. Yes, yes a book. A book that really opened up my eyes to the potential we were sitting on. A book that I will later go into deeper detail about, so there ha! stay tuned!

Back to this “about” us part (I find these so awkward). How would we know if we never tried? Put the effort in to start something and make it great? I am sure we will come across trials and tribulations but isn’t that what you want to go through? To test your limits? To find out what is working and what isnt? Who knows what this blog will eventually turn in to if we never try? So here is it guys. Here is our passion for life. The beauty in fashion. The hunger for a healthy mind body and soul. And just the truth about everything life throws our way.

Who knows where this journey will take us but this is our starting point for an ever evolving and never ending story.