Fenty Beauty

Yasss Rihanna you did the damn thang!

I first heard in late spring that Rihanna was working on her beauty line. I didn’t give it too much thought to be honest, just kind of shrugged it off because what celebrity didn’t have a beauty line?

Then came the first week in September. While Alyssia bounced from Miami to Puerto Rico I decided to take an early morning trip to the mall. My first stop was Sephora to pick up a few much needed items that I nothing left of. I noticed it was the launch of Fenty Beauty and I had the pleasure of having my face fully beat in the line thanks to a talented makeup artist in Sephora (sorry! I wish I got your name!!!)

 I ended up buying the foundation, primer, killawatt highlighter (Ginger Binge/ Moscow Mule), setting powder, and lip gloss. I currently have and love each and every product except the lip gloss and powder. The lip gloss to me was very basic, pretty much just a normal clear gloss with a subtle hint of colour. The consistency was nice, smelled amazing and it great for ALL skin tones but I can find a dupe of this at any drugstore. I’m not saying I will never use it but I am saying I will not repurchase once it’s done. Second is the setting powder which I found didn’t really do much for me. I found for the first 20 minutes my makeup looked flawless but after that I was blotchy and my foundation wasn’t sitting nice on my face.
This primer is so amazing!! Not only does it blur your pores but it provides good hydration and doesn’t look flaky on dry patches. Don’t you love when a product does what it says it does? Cause I know I do! I paired with the primer with the foundation and let me tell you how smooth the application was. It left me with a nice satin/ velvet finish that lasted the WHOLE day! I have tried many foundations and I will say the coverage is great and didn’t oxidize or cake up. WINNER!!
When Alyssia returned from leaving me behind (so happy you enjoyed it but I missed you!!) I made her a little birthday basket that included Killawatt (Girl Next Door/Chic Phreak). She was so excited she had to swatch it right away and her face was priceless! The pigments are just to die for and goes on seamless with either a brush or fingers.
Alyssia then decided to pick up the Precision Makeup Sponge as it was time to toss the Beauty Blender. After reading reviews on the makeup sponge and seeing the price point was $8 cheaper than the Beauty Blender she purchased it right away. It is super soft, square edges help to get into creases, works flawless both dry and wet, and doesn’t soak up a lot of the product you are applying. Let’s just say Alyssia flung her B.B into the garbage and said “good riddance” (I kid you not) I have been dying to get my hands on this but have been unsuccessful as it is ALWAYS sold out at my Sephora location. *side note: yes Alyssia and I live together but she works downtown where the Sephora there ALWAYS is stocked*
All in all Rihanna did an outstanding job on this makeup line, and I am proud that it’s a makeup brand that pertains to all. No matter your skin type, colour or texture. This is a brand that is for ALL and Rihanna did an amazing job at making sure no one was left out. Not only that, the quality and price points are phenomenal!
If you have not yet tried the Fenty Beauty brand I recommend you do. You can always go to Sephora and just ask for a couple samples and if you like it (I know you will LOVE it!) then can purchase the product in full.
Have you tried the Fenty Beauty line? If so tell us what you think. If not, ask some questions so we can get you out there to buy some products!

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