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What I love most about doing this blog with my sister is that we can share different view points on some things and our skincare routine is one of them. Yes, we do use a lot of the same products but how we use them and how we incorporate it into our morning and night routines differs greatly. This post will be longer than normal as it will include both our routines. Remember, what might work for me may not work for you. But at least you can get a sense of the products that we use and you can try incorporating them into your everyday routine.

I (Alyssia) have struggled with acne since the age of 14. My forehead housed all the pimpled until 3 weeks before grade 8 graduation i got the chicken pox (thanks Celeste from bringing it home). I found that my acne started to move from my forehead to other parts of my face. Now I wouldn’t say that I suffered from severe acne but I will say that I was uncomfortable with it. I tried everything, you name it. Finding what works for you unfortunately is trial and error. Over the years I have found what works for me and what doesn’t (coconut oil on my face is a no no!) First it all starts with the crap that we load into our bodies. I am not going to be a hypocrite and sit here telling you that I eat clean, drink my 8 glasses of water daily and go to the gym to sweat the toxins out of my body because I don’t do that. But I will admit for the past month I have been doing a pretty good job drinking more water and eating a lot better which I have found is keeping my skin out of trouble.


My morning routine is fairly simple. I use Herbalism by LUSH which is a gentle exfoliating, deep cleaning cleanser that helps combat oily troubled skin. I’ve been using it faithfully (except for the winter months) and I have no complaints. If I have a late night I will lean more towards Cup O’ Coffee as it not only helps wake me up with the aroma of coffee but also to scrub away the dull skin and give me a nice glow. Once I pat my face dry I then spritz either my Mario Badescu Facial Spray or Tea Tree Water from LUSH all over my face. TBH I just go for which ever one I am feeling that day. Once that settles in I apply my Dermalogica Total Eye Care with SPF 15 and Dermalogica Skin Smoothing moisturizer.


There are a few more steps involved in my night-time routine as most of the time I have makeup on so I want to ensure that my face is well cleansed. I wet my face while also working my Coalface cleanser from LUSH into a lather. I then begin to wash in gentle circular motions to deep clean my  face. I enjoy using the Coalface opposed to Herbalism because I feel it gives a deeper cleaning and really gets all that yuck out. If you have dry skin I don’t suggest to use it as it will really make your face feel tight and make cause it to flake. I pat dry my face again and then this time I take the top off my Tea Tree Water and saturate a cotton pad. I use this to wipe away anything else that the cleaner may have missed (Depending on the day of the week it is I will steam my face right after washing it and then add a face mask, followed by the Tea Tree Water.) I then use my Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum (remember to apply eye creams/ serums with your ring finger) and my Provence Beauty face oil which I LOVE!!(I picked up this oil for $10 at Winners/ Marshalls)

I still get pimples here and there especially when Mother Nature is being a bully but my concern now is hyper-pigmentation. I have SUPER sensitive skin. If I don’t properly take care of a pimple, then once it starts to disappear it leaves behind a mark, UGH! I have started to use Apple Cider Vinegar as a dark spot treatment but I am only a month in so I can’t give you a full review on it. Once I cross that 3 month period I will update. This post will also mark my journey into getting rid of my hyper-pigmentation or at least ways to prevent it. Like always, I will keep you posted.

Comment below and let us know what you use, what your routine includes or any helpful tips you may have.



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