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Powerful Poetry

“If a poem hasn’t ripped apart your soul; you haven’t experienced poetry” – Edgar Allan Poe

Since reading “The Princess Saves Herself in this One” by Amanda Lovelace I have become more interested in poetry books. To be honest, I never thought I would even pick up a book filled with poems in the first place. But I am glad I stopped by a bookstore before boarding a flight back home. The sleek cover grabbed my attention and I flipped to a random page where it was an automatic connection.

I do have a daughter that I want to shield from all the darkness in this world and to let her know as a woman she is strong, she is beautiful and she is smart. To never let ANYONE make her feel less than that and saying “no” does not make you any less of who you are; that strong, beautiful and smart girl who will one day blossom into a woman. A woman who does not need to be dependent on anyone to go through life.

I went on to purchase “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur, who has become a favourite of mine. Rupi Kaur brought out all my feelings (a tear drop did happen) with this amazing collection. She writes about love and loss, trauma, and femininity. She addresses what it feels like to be broken, to be loved, and to be stronger on one’s own. 

My newest addition (it’s funny how all three books are black and white huh) “Whisky Words and a Shovel I” by R.H. Sin. This book is more based on heartbreak but just like the other two deal with self-love and growth. I am about half way through this one (I would have been done if I didn’t forget my book this morning for the train ride in!) but already I have fallen in love with each page and kinda wish I had this when I was going through a heartbreak, I would have left A LOT sooner than I did!

What I have found with all three of these books are that they are real life events that have happened to the writer. Isn’t that what poetry is? Isn’t it about drawing from your personal experiences and expressing them through written word? I may have not connected on a personal level to every page but the ones that I did connect with let me know that I was not alone in a certain situation. There are people out there that are going through what you may have already gone through or going through right now. You may not have someone holding your hand every step of the way but just remember that someone out there is going through exactly what you are going through, you are not alone. Just to have that little reminder in the back of your mind will help you take that next step and then the millions of more steps after that.

If you are going through a heart-break, trying to let love back in, going through a rough patch or simply want great reads with raw powerful emotion I recommend the above. This is the only start of my poetry collection and I can’t wait to add more.






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